Grow Revenues with Tiered High-Speed Internet Services

The government has provided a great opportunity for service providers looking to extend the modernize rural broadband networks. These next-generation broadband buildouts will help rural service providers tap into the huge, pent up demand for high-speed internet services, while laying the foundation for lucrative 5G backhaul revenues. 

Making Rural Broadband a Reality

High-bandwidth access networks are just the starting point on the road to high-speed broadband, and new backbone networks are needed to complete the journey to make rural broadband a reality.

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These backbone networks must:

  • Scale existing networks and beyond to support services up to 1 Gbps
  • Ensure superior user experiences for diverse applications
  • Be easy to provision and operate
  • Be 5G ready to support future backhaul transport services
  • And more.....

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Client Testimonials

Cross Telephone

Recently, Cross Telephone, chose Ribbon to expand their network capacity with packet transport solutions to enhance a variety of services. Ribbon's solutions also helped Cross Telephone deploy services more rapidly, phase out legacy systems and allow them to now offer multiple new services their customers were in need of. Learn more by watching the video below. 

Controlled Networks

Controlled Networks, in Northern New Jersey, chose Ribbon’s Stir Shaken solution to digitally sign and deliver calls. Controlled Networks tried 10 different solutions before deploying Ribbon’s Call Trust solution. Learn more by watching the video.


Arvig is one of the largest independent telco and broadband companies in the USA. They found the Ribbon Edgemarc SBC to be a simple, yet elegant solution to deploy on their custom sites. The Edgemarc has given Arvig much more visibility and reduced truck rolls for troubleshooting, allowing them to do more installations and increase revenues. Learn more by watching the video.

Totah Communications

Totah Communications deployed Ribbon’s Neptune 1300 Packet Transport solution for increased bandwidth and faster broadband speeds. This market-leading solution will help to future-proof Totah's network and enable new revenue streams, as well as enhanced residential and business communication offerings. After having outgrown their old network, Totah Communications needed to deliver next-generation services to their existing customers but also be able to pursue new small to medium sized business customers and backhaul services. Read the full press release to learn more about their project.


Wes-Tex Chooses Ribbon

A rural telecom services provider, Wes-Tex Telephone Cooperative, chose Ribbon to upgrade the company's optical and IP Infrastructure to the latest generation technologies that will serve them and their customers for years to come. This Western Texas telecom leader has been serving its surrounding communicates for 70 years and to continue to service this community for the decades to come, Ribbon has given them the ability to deliver their services in an on-demand fashion with simple remote provisioning and more. Read the full press release to find out more about the project. 

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