With Release 17, the C15 continues to evolve to meet customer requests and regulatory requirements, as well as work with the ever expanding portfolio of Ribbon products.

  • R17 Content
    • NT6T03BA with BITS input
    • MLTS Notify
    • Kontron Call History Server
    • Customer Requests
    • Ribbon Inter-op
      • PSXaaS
      • SWe/Edgemark
    • R18 POI and Schedule
  • Unlimited bandwidth for all data, voice and video services
  • Low latency for asynchronous data mirroring to assure business continuity
  • Highest availability based on multiple redundancy options
  • Added security with optical layer encryption (with forward looking capabilities to protect against quantum computing attacks)
  • Complete control over the infrastructure, from provisioning to performance monitoring
  • Fast payback when compared to public network or leased line solutions
Watch on-demand as we show how new slimmed-down easy-to-manage optical networking gear makes it easier than ever to build and run a private optical network. You can do it yourself or work with a system integrator. Either way, you gain sustainable performance and economic competitive advantages for your business.

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