The primary mission of optical networks is transporting 100GbE traffic, and soon, 400GbE traffic. Some popular solutions have a less-publicized aspect that can lead to abandoned spectrum. The webinar shows how to avoid that. It explains how to build a future-proof optical network on an organized spectral plan that accomplishes two goals simultaneously: optimizing for performance for dense traffic and long distances and optimizing for power and cost everywhere else.

Watch on-demand as Jonathan Homa, Ribbon's Senior Director of Solutions Marketing and Scott T. Wilkinson, PhD - Cignal AI's Lead Analyst discuss these topics and more!

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • Importance of being 400GbE ready.
  • How new 400G ZR+ changes the economic equation.
  • Optimizing transport for performance versus optimizing for power and cost.
  • Tradeoffs between line rates and channel widths (what they don’t tell you).
  • How to have your cake (best transport solution today) and eat it too (on a future-proof network).
  • Answers to audience questions during Q&A.

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  • Scott T. Wilkinson, PhD

    Scott T. Wilkinson, PhD

    Lead Analyst

    Cignal AI

  • Jonathan Homa

    Jonathan Homa

    Senior Director of Solutions Marketing