Migrate High Value Services to a Virtualized Software Environment

More than half a decade into their cloud transition, communications service providers (CSPs) continue to migrate high value services to a virtualized software environment. This process is vital, as it underpins their service execution strategies by leveraging superior cloud-scale properties to deliver services to any user in any location. The execution of these strategies necessitates that CSPs create telco private clouds to ensure that service performance benchmarks and service-level agreements can be attained.

Maturation of the Public Cloud

Even after only a few years, it is clear that the CSPs’ private clouds will be the de facto platform for the delivery of these high value services. However, the maturation of the public cloud, including its ability to leverage multi-tenancy and programmable resource allocation to support strict performance tolerances, is opening the door to run telco service workloads on public clouds.

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  • The drivers and design considerations associated with executing high value telco services on public clouds
  • The service utilized to enable baselining of specific requirements is real-time communications (RTC)
  • The deployment of a session border controller (SBC) to provide security and interworking for RTC services

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