What do your customers do when they receive a phone call from someone they do not know or a number they do not recognize? Perhaps they answer it and are disappointed to find out it is spam. However, far more likely is they reject the call by ignoring it or sending to voice mail. Even worse, some of those calls may not have just been nuisance calls, but been malicious with fraudulent intent.

It would be way more useful, if you knew, in real-time on a per call-basis, that it was from a legitimate source, for legitimate purpose, and had no malicious intent?

Detecting, mitigating and ultimately stopping these disruptive can be best addressed with an Identity Assurance solution. Join Ribbon and our distinguished guests for an interactive discussion of Identity Assurance and Ribbon’s solution – Call Trust. Hear from fellow network operators and Ribbon’s subject matter experts on how to restore trust in the phone.

Watch On-Demand as we discuss these topics and more:

  • Opening Remarks and Agenda Overview
  • Moderated Panel Session - The Operator/Industry View of Identity Assurance
  • Ribbon’s View of Identity Assurance: The Big Picture
  • Ribbon Call TrustTM – Restoring Customer Trust in the Phone
  • Ribbon Identity Hub Services
  • Moderated Open Discussion for All with Ribbon Subject Matter Experts
  • Closing Remarks

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