Voice networks are become increasing complex. Unfortunately, most businesses do not have the luxury of having vast multi-domain expertise within their voice network teams to address the all of new operational challenges that comes with SIP, Cloud Architectures, Multi-Access Networks, Policy and Routing, and so on. That overwhelming complexity inherently is driving the need for different types solutions to ensure efficient operations.

Ribbon is here to help. By innovating and building new Machine Learning (ML) applications, Ribbon is enabling our customers to detect anomalies, expose latent issues, diagnose root causes, correlate across multiple network elements, filter out false alarms, and recommend areas that might become service impacting.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why traditional rule-based approaches no longer work
  • How Ribbon’s new ML applications automate your service assurance and customer experience
  • How to build an automation pipeline to manage the day-to-day operations and rapidly resolve issues
  • What are the key elements to a successful automation strategy
  • What can be modeled and how it will evolve

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  • Walter Kenrich

    Walter Kenrich

    Director of PLM, Analytics


  • Chip Boyle

    Chip Boyle

    VP of Systems Engineering