Are robocalls and fraud calls negatively impacting your customer’s trust in the phone? Watch On-Demand to learn how to put a stop to robocalling and fraud in your network.

Unwanted calls top the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) consumer complaint list. Fraud attempts keep rising, but regulators are largely ineffective to stop them. To protect consumers, the FCC and Congress are pushing the industry to develop and deploy solutions that combat unwanted, illegal robocalling and fraud. A first step on this path is the current mandate in the US and Canada to implement STIR/SHAKEN to prevent caller ID spoofing, but this will not be enough to stop robocalls and fraud!

While some service providers have deployed "point" solutions to address robocalling or fraud, what is really needed is a broader, more comprehensive solution for identity assurance. Watch the replay to discover the key components of such a solution and how it will be possible for you to stop robocalls and fraud from impacting your customers, across both TDM and IP networks.

Specifically, this webinar will address:

  • Why identity assurance requires insights into the combination of caller identity, reputation, and trust context
  • Why an identity assurance solution must be designed as an open ecosystem
  • How to get identity assurance insights and recommendations for call termination in real-time, for every call across both TDM and IP networks
  • What your options are to handle fraud or suspect fraud calls and enhance the customer experience
  • The advantages of getting your identity assurance solutions as a managed service

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