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Everything about the 5G era is disruptive – from technology to applications, from competition to ecosystems. In addition to entering the mobile services arena, MSOs are in a strong position to gain significant backhaul revenue from this disruptive market place; if they can provide differentiated IP and Optical connectivity for the 5G radio networks.

IP and Optical backhaul connectivity needs to change dramatically; conventional VPN services used for 4G backhaul are not good enough for the new high-value services proposed for 5G. These 5G services need a sliced IP and Optical backhaul network that delivers; Dynamic capacity, low latency, advanced synchronization, flexible endpoints, deterministic behavior, automation, and differentiable SLA’s.

In this on-demand webinar we will focus on how MSOs can protect and grow their current backhaul revenue streams to take advantage of 5G disruption, by highlighting;

  • Why 5G is so disruptive, creating the “10 times challenges” for backhaul, and how this creates opportunities for MSOs
  • How MSOs can evolve their current backhaul networks to meet  the “10 times challenges”
  • The enabling; Elastic IP, Optical and Automation technologies, architectures, and approaches required  to create value from the backhaul network
  • How new architectures and approaches enabled by a next-generation of Elastic IP, Optical and Automation technologies are required to maximize value from the backhaul network
  • Why  today is the right time to prepare the network for the disruptive impact of 5G

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Featured Presenters

  • David Stokes portrait head only

    David Stokes

    Senior Manager of Portfolio Marketing | Ribbon

  • Sam Lisle

    Sam Lisle

    Director of Business Development | Ribbon