This presentation will cover various topics impacting in modernization of the OT telecommunications networks – new technologies, and SONET/SDH replacement; new services/applications and the need for IT/OT convergence, securing the telecoms network, the impact of 5G, and finally a brief discussion on opportunities from using the telecoms infrastructure to offer commercial services.

Key Topics for Discussion:

  • Risk-free migration of TDM services  onto an IP network
  • Deeper dive into Migration Strategies (IP Overlay; Optical Underlay)
  • Support of the multiple services needed by OT network delivered by multiple access technologies (fixed and mobile)
  • The different networking technologies needed to meet the needs of each of the  services supported
  • Look at the ever increasing need for security and what can be done by the communications network
  • Impact of 5G
  • Utelco evolution
  • Use Cases, references

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    David Stokes

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