TDM/SONET networking equipment is approaching end-of-life and therefore is creating significant pain for MSO's. These pain points include not being able to obtain spares, not being able to add circuits, and not being able to find knowledgeable operations staff. Worse yet, SONET is used everywhere – even though your voice products have been SIP-based, your trunking to the PSTN is still SONET-based. The ubiquity of sunsetting SONET creates a significant risk of network outages and high operational costs.

However, despite these challenges - there are continued requirements for the delivery of DS1, DS3, and OC-N circuits for a broad range of applications. So what can you do?

First off, we're here to help! Ribbon's TDM to packet migration solution enables service providers to continue to provide DS1 and DS3 circuits, but deliver those legacy circuit types over a modern, scalable Ethernet or MPLS infrastructure.

Watch On-Demand as we discuss these topics and more:

  • Example network applications that require the transport of TDM traffic;
  • Technologies that enable TDM traffic to be carried over Ethernet and MPLS networks;
  • Unique aspects of the Ribbon Neptune solution set.

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