Phase 1 of the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) auctions generated over 400 winning bidders. Winners need to move now to create networks that will exceed their commitments for broadband connectivity and voice services.

Ribbon can help! We’ve already helped providers deliver broadband and telecom services to tens of millions of users. That includes delivering some of the most scalable and cost-effective IP and Optical infrastructure as well as residential and business Voice Services to meet RDOF requirements, that can support your customers’ needs for years to come. Ribbon is also a leader in securing networks, a challenge that becomes more critical each day.

Ribbon’s solutions are cost-effective for small rural or regional deployments and can still scale up for multi-region or national deployments. Our solutions are designed to deliver compelling services that residential & business customers will be excited to sign up for and our USA-based support organization will assure your team is never left in the dark.

Watch as Sam Lisle, Network Architectures & Solutions, and Greg Zweig, Director of Solutions Marketing for Ribbon Communications present this on-demand webinar focused on delivering voice services and broadband infrastructure for RDOF deployments.

Watch to learn more about:

  • How to deliver telecom services with limited staffing & expertise
  • Why broadband access networks need to be connected to a robust core
  • How to secure voice applications and IP & optical network connectivity
  • Case studies
  • Ribbon enabling solution
    • IP and optical aggregation and transport
    • Residential & business services
    • Security elements & analytics

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  • Sam Lisle

    Sam Lisle

    Director of Network Architectures & Solutions


  • Greg Zweig


    Director of Solutions Marketing