Most of you who are reading this already registered in the FCC Robocall Mitigation database, even if you received a 2-year extension to implement STIR/SHAKEN, And you did that because the FCC mandated that all voice service providers implement an “appropriate robocall mitigation program to prevent unlawful robocalls from originating on your network”.

So what happens next, are you really done? Well, that depends on how you answer some key questions:

  • Is my originating robocall mitigation solution functioning well, so I am done (for now)?
  • Is my originating robocall mitigation solution automated enough, or said another way, do I have the resources to keep up with any manual work?
  • Does my solution give me what I need for visibility and reporting so I can be assured that I am being effective at blocking illegal originating traffic?
  • Is there more I can do to better serve my customers?

Join Dan Teichman, Ribbon's Director of Solutions Marketing on-demand for this free webinar presented by Ribbon Communications to delve into answers to these questions and what happens next.

Learn about how Ribbon Call Trust™ is the identity assurance solution that enables you to simply and rapidly meet the FCC obligation for originating robocall mitigation.

But we won’t stop there. We will show you how Ribbon Call Trust is a single solution also providing Reputation Scoring for terminating robocall and fraud mitigation. And when you are ready, the same solution will give you the option of subscribing to STIR/SHAKEN as a Service.

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  • Dan Teichman

    Dan Teichman

    Director of Solutions Marketing