Regional & Rural Service Providers: Modernizing Your Voice Network

Join Ribbon on-demand as experts discuss:

  • Ribbon C15 software enhancements (R19) as well as our plans for 2023 (R20).
  • Ribbon Voice Sync, our fully virtualized software solution to reduce the cost and complexity of delivering residential & business voice services.

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Join Ribbon’s Product Management team as they review roadmaps and discuss Ribbon’s strategic direction for 2023

Ribbon’s primary business is serving Service Providers, we know that your business model has changed and will keep changing. That’s why Ribbon is constantly innovating to meet your needs. To that end, we will use part of this session to discuss Ribbon’s newest voice solution, Ribbon Voice Sync. It offers regional and rural service providers a fully virtualized, cost-effective platform that changes the economics of your telecom network. It cuts operational costs, offers new business services, and has a native VoIP architecture that complements your move to broadband services.