Cost Savings, Better Collaboration, and Improved Uptime for the Enterprise

Collaboration-centric tools have never been more valuable for the global workforce. Cisco's cloud-based platform has become front and center as organizations support hybrid and remote work employees. The next question for enterprises is what to do with their existing voice environments and how to better prevent costly downtime.

Connect Webex Calling to Your Voice Network

Ribbon provides the certified Session Border Controller (SBC) required to connect Webex Calling to a telecom provider (aka phone lines). Webex uses IP-based voice connections, commonly referred to as SIP Trunks to connect to the rest of the world. Ribbon’s SBCs secure these connections and assure interoperability so organizations can select from hundreds of service providers across the globe.
CiscoWebEx Ribbon Graph-1

Leveraging Webex Calling for Improved Uptime  

Business continuity is a concern for most, as the loss of a connection to a cloud-based phone platform can result in lost revenue or a poor customer experience. This is why Cisco has added site survivability to Webex Calling. Site survivability is a simplified version of Webex Calling that runs on-site or in a data center and can take over if the cloud is unavailable.

Should a problem arise, Webex Calling automatically switches to site survivability mode. For internal calls, the SBC will route them to their destination. For external calls (inbound or outbound), the system works with Ribbon SBCs to route outbound calls to the phone network or receive inbound calls – either via a local SIP trunk or a local PRI/analog line.

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