You're invited to join David Stokes, Senior Manager of Portfolio Marketing and Greg Zweig, Director of Solutions Marketing for Ribbon Communications On-Demand for our webinar focused on Utility Opportunities and Transformation.

In this webinar we explore the growing opportunities for utilities to generate extra revenue streams by offering communications services. Recently, there have been both FCC initiatives (e.g., the RDOF program) and state Public Utility Commission (PUC) regulatory relief that incent and permit utilities to address these growing needs.

In offering these services the utilities will transform to become UTelcos. We will examine the services these UTelcos are uniquely placed to offer, whether this be providing consumer and business broadband services to geographies significantly underserved by traditional service providers, municipalities evolving to become “smart”, hosted voice services or the significant backhaul transport capacity soon to be required by the mobile network operators rolling out 5G.

Many utilities already have the communications networks in place for their own internal purposes such as OT/IT convergence solutions, SCADA modernization solutions, voice solutions, and security solutions. The question becomes how to leverage and extend those assets – not for operational cost reductions or simplifications – but for service delivery and revenue generation.

Join us on-demand as we cover all of the below and more::
  • Service opportunities
  • Emerging regulatory incentives
  • Models for Utility Companies
  • Case Studies
  • Ribbon enabling solutions
    • Packet and optical aggregation and transport
    • Hosted applications
    • Analytics
    • Session border control

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