As the 5G race is raging, there seems to be consensus that industry—not people or cellular—is the chief driver of 5G development. 5G networks are anticipated to be the first in which the number of static devices will exceed the number of mobile users, and the difference will be massive. If this prediction is true, there is a serious need to re-think the way networks are designed, architected, managed, and optimized. This webinar looks at what current networks do and explains why 5G is needed to address industry use cases that 4G cannot address. With 5G, operators will require a different way of thinking about how they turn up, test, and manage the network. The audience will learn why moving to 5G will not be like moving to 4G, and how networks will require an architecture that accommodates different parameters for supporting this move.

About the Speakers

  • Stéphane Téral, Senior Research Director, Mobile Infrastructure and Carrier Economics, IHS Markit
  • Hayim Porat, CTO, Ribbon-ECI Telecom
  • Sameh Yamany, Ph.D., CTO, Viavi Solutions
  • Andy Sutton, Principal Network Architect, BT Technology
  • Allen Tatara, Sr. Manager, Webinar Events, IHS Markit (Moderator)

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