Many service providers across the world have already migrated the implementation of their real-time voice and video communication (RTC) workloads from physical appliances to deployment on their private clouds using virtual machines and as virtual network functions (VNFs). And some have chosen to deploy those workloads on public cloud domains. Now many telcos are planning on deploying new network infrastructure on a path to support cloud-native functions (CNFs), to take advantage of the elasticity, flexibility and agility that cloud infrastructure enables.

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn from the SBC experts at Ribbon Communications. Hear why service providers will significantly benefit when their SBCs are based on cloud-native design principles and deployed in Kubernetes-orchestrated containers. Specific topics of discussion will address how:

  • Alignment of release management-based CI/CD implementation by vendor and customer simplifies a traditionally lengthy testing and deployment process
  • To leverage industry-standard Kubernetes orchestration capabilities
  • Risk can significantly be reduced for software upgrades and configuration changes
  • High availability for RTC in cloud domains can be simplified

Given the continued importance of real-time voice and video communications, now is the right time to finalize plans that will move SBCs and RTC services along to the next step in the journey on the cloud migration path.

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